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Here are some advantages and features about the cornrow cap. First of all, those who have very short hair that cannot make cornrow with or those who do not have hair because of cancer treatment will be able to use the cornrow without a problem and create their own style....
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$ 9.99
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Here are some advantages and features about the cornrow cap.

First of all, those who have very short hair that cannot make cornrow with or those who do not have hair because of cancer treatment will be able to use the cornrow without a problem and create their own style.

Secondly, it will satisfy the desire for those who want to create their own hair style while keeping their natural hair unharmed. Natural hair trend is still very strong, and this product will be very helpful for people to enjoy the trend. Cornrow itself already is a tremendous stress to hair and scalp when made with user’s own hair, and if weaving or braiding is attached on it by sewing or gluing, the damage may be very destructive. That is why using a cornrow cap will be very gentle on user’s own hair, and they will be able to create hairstyle that looks natural if they make loose cornrow around their head and put it on.

Third point is that it is very advantageous not only for the users, but also for the hairstylists to save time and money. It takes time and costs money to make cornrows, but cornrow cap will reduce both tremendously. It is very critical for salons to manage the schedules between customers and stylists. If they use cornrow to do a procedure on the spot, or if they use it to pre-make the styles that reflect customer’s taste and stylist’s specialty, it will be very profitable for both ends.

Finally, there are two styles (Horseshoe and Straight Back) and three sizes (Small, Medium, Large), so users will have options to choose by their preferences and needs. With a horseshoe style, skin part may be created by nipping a little in the gap, and skin closure can be used on it to finish the style. Also, its front side may be cut to let out a small part of user’s own hair to blend with the weaving to make it look even more natural. Straight back style makes it easy to create bang, and crown closure may be used to finish the style. Many different hairstyle may be created with different types of cornrow cap and enjoy them as they desire.

As mentioned, Cornrow Cap, which will be the essential product for weaving and braiding, is the very first beauty product that will have international patent in the world. We truly anticipate that it will successfully portrait the principle of Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection, “Every single person has a right to be beautiful” by bringing the satisfaction to those who want to look beautiful.


  1. * Great for women who are suffering from clinical hair loss (chemotherapy, alopecia, etc.), who do not have enough hair for braiding, so that they may install weaves on.
  2. * Great for all women who are looking for a healthier alternative to weaving, by placing less stress on their own edges, napes, and overall natural hair by sewing the weave onto the cap’s braids instead of that of their own.
  3. * Great for customizing a hair style of your choice in the event that you cannot find the perfect pre-made hair!



Q1. For women suffering from hair loss, will the hair still have issues with staying on the head? (FYI-wig caps stretch every time you wear them so the option of retightening it is out of the question)
A1. No, there will not be any issues with Cornrow cap staying on with hair loss situation. The reason is because we have (1) Caps in two different styles for different hair problems & styling techniques, and (2) The caps are made with durable material that retains its shape and tightness to fit perfectly every time you wear it. We carefully chose the best material for the purpose so that it will not be deformed for repetitive usage.


Q2. When placing it on top of your real hair, will it get too hot, heavy or “bulky”?
A2. No, it will not get too hot on real hair because the net is breathable enough to let the air out. Weight of fully styled caps may vary in different styles by the amount of hair attached to the caps. Crochet would be the only styling option that may feel heavy because of the amount of the hair is from 6 to 10 packs where others use 4 to 6 packs. Cornrow cap itself is neither bulky nor heavy, and when applied on real hair, it still stays flat as long as the hair underneath is arranged well.


Q3. It does not seem as versatile as a “lace cap”.
A3. Cornrow cap is much more versatile than a lace cap. Lace cap is used to make a wig, and it is not made for weaving purpose. Since it is very thin and soft, it will get wrinkled when weaving is attached, and it will not be able to keep the shape as desired. It is also very hard to sew in weaving tracks on lace cap because the lace is not sturdy enough for the hair to stay on. In contrast, cornrow cap is meant for all kinds of weaving techniques, crochet, and even a partial base. Hair part can be also made by nipping a gap between the rows of straight back style cornrow. Its versatility is as good as it gets.


Q4. This cap may only work for women with extremely short hair or bald, otherwise, they would still have to braid their own hair before putting the wig cap on.
A4. Cornrow cap works for all hair lengths and even with no hair. With long hair, you only need to make 2 to 3 cornrows with your hair lying flat around the head to have a rim that the cap can be put on. After that, simply wrap the rest of your hair in circle and put the cap on, and you are ready to go. For short hair, process is the same as long hair, but since the hair lays flatter inside the cap than long hair, it will definitely look more natural. For both long and short hair, cornrow cap will save at least an hour by cutting the time to cornrow the entire hair. It is a great way to protect your natural hair. Hair strands are protected from the chemicals in glues and relaxers, and friction from threads rubbing against the hair. Scalp is also protected because the tension that cornrow creates on the scalp is absent with the cap. Harmful chemicals also will not touch the scalp because you do not need to use them.

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